Learn the Essential Equipment Needed to Trap a Berkeley Rat - One Will SURPRISE You!

Considering how much nuisance California rats constitute and the need to get rid of them in the house, we might sometimes need to trap them. Trapping a rat is not often an easy task due to the fact that they are small, fast and very tricky. However, here are some equipment you will need to trap a rat. The equipment include:

  • Trap
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Brushes and Scrubs
  • Facial Masks and Hand Gloves
  • Trash Items

  • Trap

    A trap is a very vital tool you will need when you need to catch a Berkeley rat. The trap can be set in the evening or early in the morning. Rats move around more at night. However, they also move around at day if they observe that no one is home. Adding bait to the trap will attract them to the trap so that as they attempt to pick up the food, they get trapped.

    Vacuum Cleaner

    A vacuum cleaner comes in handy for removing the leftovers or remnants of the rat. You are bound to find their feces and the remaining of the food they have eaten or gnawed on. You can use the vacuum cleaner to clean off such items.

    Brushes and Scrubs

    This will come in handy for cleaning the bigger left-overs of the California rat as well as the feces and furs of the rat. The idea is that whichever the vacuum cleaner cannot clean, brushes and scrubs will come in handy and vice versa.

    Facial Masks and Hand Gloves

    The facial masks and hand gloves come in handy in protecting you. In the process of cleaning the Berkeley house, you might come in contact with dead rats and their leftovers. The masks and gloves help you avoid direct contact and the epidemic or contamination that could happen as a result.

    Trash Items

    You will need items to put the carcasses and leftovers of the rat. You could use a trash can with a tight lid or polythene materials that could be disposed of.


    All of the equipment above is needed to trap a California rat and get rid of them and their traces in your California house. You will also require a disinfectant so that you can spray around the house to kill any germs they have left behind.

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