Got a California Peacock Problem and Not Sure What to Do? Get Him to Fly the Coop TODAY!

With their glorious display of elegance and beauty, Berkeley peacocks are undoubtedly stunning in the eye of everyone. With the loud and piercing sound that they produce, they are normally used on farms and estates as the traditional form of warning system. Once they gather in large groups, these birds can also inflict a considerable damage to your community. Peacock removal would be crucial for the homeowners and gardeners who want to protect their screen doors, siding, car, and plants.

How Do You Control the Activity of the Peacock on Your California Garden?

All people will agree that peacocks have magnificent beauty. Nonetheless, there are situations when they can be nuisance especially in a domestic setting. We all heard horror stories about the peacocks that are digging incessantly on the yards and destroying the screen doors using their sharp talons. You also don't want your brand new car to meet the strong beak of the peacock. Normally, a powerful discharge of water using our garden hose will be enough to get rid of them. However, if they find your garden too comfortable to live, visiting your yard will become their regular habit.

Deterring the Peacock

The male California peacock can show an aggressive behavior particularly during the nesting season. They have a tendency to attack the other males in the crowd. They can even assault the reflection of their own image which is the usual reason why cars, skylights, and windows are being damaged. In order to avoid this, there are some preventative measures that you have to conduct.

Netting Devices-The nets can be used in your garden. This will minimize the damage that your garden can acquire from their attacks.

Adopt a Dog-In case you still don't have a dog in your Berkeley yard, this may be the perfect opportunity for you to adopt a dog. The dogs can chase the peacock but since the peacocks are faster, it would be impossible for the dogs to hurt them.

Wire Fencing-This would be effective in keeping them away from your California garden. You may also add some streamers on top of the fence. This way, even if they can fly over the fence, the streamers will frighten them.

You should also avoid feeding the peacocks. Choosing the most ideal method and continuous effort on your side would be the key to successfully drive away the creature. You may purchase a sprinkler that comes with a motion detector system. This will spray water on the peacock in case they invaded your property. There are also some repellents such as the spray deterrents that are made from chili flakes but we cannot vouch for its efficacy. In addition, their scent will evaporate immediately which is why it requires numerous application.

In case none of the method above works for you, then your last option is to hire the service of the professional Berkeley animal removal company. They will remove the animals and transfer them in a safer area where they will not be able to bother your plants.

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