Give Your California Cat a Proper Ceremony: How to Handle Their Corpse

Disposing the body of your beloved cat is a difficult topic to discuss. However, it still makes sense to plan for something that is inevitable. This will prevent you from creating careless decision during the time that you are emotional. Proper disposal of the remains will be essential for everyone's health and well being.

Your Different Options When Disposing the Dead Cat

The different methods that you can use in disposing the remains of your cats are governed under the Berkeley laws. You need to be aware on the local laws that pertain to the proper disposal of your pet's remains. For instance, large cities do not allow the burying of the dead bodies in your own yard. During this time, the veterinarian or a removal service can provide you assistance.


If you wish the remains of your California cat to be cremated, you may ask the help of your local veterinarian. Some animal shelter organizations are also providing this service. There are two methods of cremation to choose from.

Individual-Your dead cat will be cremated and the ashes will be given to the owner for the last disposition. The cost of the urns and charges highly varies.

Communal-With this method, the remains of your cats will be cremated along with the other bodies of dead animals. Normally, you will not be charged when you choose this method.

Body Burial

Those who plan to bury the remains of their Berkeley cats may choose the pet cemetery or their own home as the final resting place of their feline friend. However, there are certain things that you must consider such as the local laws when burying them in your yard.

Per Cemetery-This serves as the final resting ground of your cat. In case looking for a California pet cemetery in your local area seems to be a trouble, you should contact the assistance of your veterinarian. They can probably help you arrange the burial service of your cat. Be sure that the cemetery has funds reserved for the maintenance of the grounds. You should also check if they carry a deed restriction that will guarantee the pet owners that the place will be exclusive for pet burials.

At Home-This is a common method used by the grieving California owners. By having the remains of your pet cat near your house, it can probably give you a sense of closure. However, it also comes with disadvantages. Should there be a situation that you will need to move, you have no choice but to leave the remains of your pets. To those owners who choose to bury their cats in their yard, they may face legal repercussions and fines if this method is prohibited in their state or community.

While not popular, there are also some Berkeley people who choose taxidermy when disposing the remains of their cats. There are individuals who find comfort in using this method. The cost of taxidermy will start at $1,000 and may increase depending on different factors. Regardless of your choice, be sure that the method you choose will help you overcome the grief.

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