What is a Bat House and Can it Help Prevent Bats in YOUR Berkeley Home?

Bat house is a big or small boxed enclosed by three ends, while the bottom of this house is open for easy fly in and out of Berkeley bats. These houses are more commonly used in Northwest of America. If you are living in Northwest, you must go through structure, uses, functions and abilities of such bat houses. These are simple and you can also make them at home with wood. However, these bat houses don't prevent the bats to enter homes. However, if you make and install it bit away of your attic, it will host more bats and let them stay in this specific house easily.

Size and Structure:

Size of bat house varies according to needs of the California people. Some bat species are smaller in sizes and they will need little space to live. However, there are many bat species that are big in sizes and they will need big houses with several poles and small boxes filled with their favorite foods.

Does It Prevent Bats?

It is assumed that bat houses can prevent these mammals to enter homes. In fact, this is a wrong perception. Most California bats do not feel comfortable in such houses. So, they keep entering attic and homes to live in colonies. If you use some techniques along with bat houses, then you can prevent them entering your homes.

Tricks to Get More Bats:

If you find more bats in your Berkeley house, then you should build a big bat house exactly outside of your home. Now, you should use multiple poles in these houses which bats use to hang off and sleep. Now, you must place some small boxes filled with fruits, insects, bugs and other pests. Bats will try to occupy such houses.

What to Do Finally?

If you observe a number of bats accommodated in these California houses, you can close them at bottom. Now, you can leave the bats far away of your homes near some caves or deep forest to get rid of them.

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